Preparation of Financial Report & Tax Return for Companies, Trusts, Sole Traders & Partnerships

Tax Advice for Individuals & Sole Traders

Tax Advice for Individuals & Sole Traders

We manage and Advice individual and personal income tax returns for our clients to finalise their Income Tax returns as it is important for every business to maintain compliance with government regulations.

Our clients are from various professional backgrounds and we have the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to Advice for the maximum refunds. We make appointment according to your convenient either in the weekend or after hours to suites your availability. Or Advice on your tax liability and maximise your deductions and provide information which would assist in tax return preparation.

We Advice and assist sole trader client on their Australian Business Number (ABN) and GST to simplify their business structure. Sole Traders are to report all of business income using your Tax File Number (TFN) and pay income tax on combined personal and business income with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) instalments. They are responsible for managing their business and are personally responsible for your business taxes, debts and liabilities.

Our firm Advice clients in preparation of Summary statement for Centrelink, Insurance claims, Disability Pension, eligible termination payments, Interest income earned from bank accounts, share dividend statements, Preparation of annual tax statements from trusts managed investments, Unit Trust distributions, property and cash management trusts, Income and expenses from investment properties, Business income on Foreign income such as n assets or investments overseas, and joint venture project.

Tax & Business Advice for Corporate Clients

Tax & Business Advice for Corporate Clients

Our Services including preparation of Bookkeeping, Financial Statements and Tax and GST planning to ensure smooth management for corporate clients.

Preparation of Financial Report & Annual Return for Companies, Trusts, Sole Traders & Partnerships

GST Advice & Preparation of BAS statement

Project Finance, Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast & Budgets

Tax Law Compliance & Forensic Accounting

Assurance, Advisory & Corporate Finance

Company Registration & ASIC Services

Income Tax and Advice on Tax matters GST and PAYG

Tax Planning

Fringe benefits tax advice

Property investment tax & Capital gains tax

Superannuation tax advice

Project Financing and Business valuation

Liquation, debt consolidation, and Mediation Services

SMSF Accountants

SMSF Accountants

A Self-Managed Super Fund Our experienced team will assist with all of your SMSF accounting and tax compliance requirements including:

Data entry and preparation of trial balance, financial statements and member statements of the SMSF on an annual basis.

Where the fund has complex investments or there is a large amount of share trading performed Arrange for an approved auditor to review your statements and liaison with the Auditor of SMSF in order to obtain the annual audit report.

Assist in Preparation for lodgement of the annual SMSF

Preparation and maintenance of the capital gains tax register, provision of investment reports, preparation of annual minutes for the Fund.

A Self-Managed Super Fund is your own personal Superannuation Fund that gives you control over how your Super Benefit is invested.

Partnership & Trust Accounting

Partnership & Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting and Tax when compiled properly will protect your assets. Setting up the right kind of trust is a beneficial tool to protect business and family assets, managing income and planning for your financial future.

Our Experience team ensure and Advice how they could protect their business and family assets by minimising tax liability to guard the wealth.

Our experience team will design and draft formal partnership agreement and Trust Deed

Maintain and organise profit and loss statement and statement of distribution of profits and losses equally based on the agreement.

Advice on GST, PAYG of the partnership and Trust

Advice on income Tax of the Partners and Trustees

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our experience financial planner will enhance your financial situation. We work with you to develop a goals to setup a strategic and comprehensive plan to help you achieve your wealth creation.

We will provide you a better understanding of your finance and insurance to gain access to a team of industry professionals highly experienced in Financial Planning portfolio, Wealth Management, Superannuation, Investment Strategy and range of Insurance services to suite your needs.

Are you already engaged in a trade or just thinking about beginning a business as an individual trader? REDAC & Associates can assist as we are a 'one-stop shop' for Tax Advice for Individuals & Sole Traders in Australia.

As accountants for individuals, REDAC & Associates give friendly and open advice on all aspects of personal taxation, individual trader tax returns, and several aspects of financial planning. Apart from the tax returns, we use the services of a personal accountant for tax planning.

Follow the right steps now to lessen liabilities under inheritance tax, which includes setting up reliance for tax efficiency. Our team also keeps clients up-to-date on changes in rules and gives professional advice on the right steps to take.

If you have more questions and queries related to Tax Advice for Individuals and Sole Traders, you can contact our team, which is always ready to assist you. We aim to make things as easy as possible for you.